The Emails Your Business Should Be Sending

Cutting through the email inbox clutter these days takes a lot of work, In the article below we've simplified it down to 7 Different types of Emails you should be sending. 

1. Promotional Emails
This is the short and sweet, get them in the door email that is easy to create, but sometimes difficult to execute for a decent ROI. Make the offer a good one, make it easy to understand and easy for them to redeem and you're off to a good start. Throw in an expiry date and you should see a better response rate too. Just make sure you back end systems and sales staff are ready for it.

2. New Stuff Emails
Got a new line of stock? a new menu? a new anything? This is a good one to get out to your best contacts or just to make everyone fell special to give them a VIP feeling. Make sure you have some great images and information about the 'New Thing' and have a killer Subject line to convey whats going on.

3.  Newsletter Emails
A newsletter usually takes a little while to put together, though targeting and segmenting the different areas of content to different database groups here is a big one. Once you've sorted out your content and groups, make sure each piece has a good call to action and is easy to execute (don't make it too salesy/gimmiky). This is a rapport building communication, that gives more than it gets, though is well worth it in the long run. Just make sure that its sent on a regular basis with good quality information.

4. The Welcome Email
A welcome email to a new subscriber or customer is another important rapport building campaign that should be implemented. It should have a few little perks in there for the reader outside of the existing reason to sign up too such as a 10% off your next purchase by showing this email or at least additional resources for them to access via a link in the email. Simple, easy to read and to the point while being genuine and friendly are the key ingredients here.

5. Product Advice Emails
So you have a product or service that your customers may have problems with or want more information on, this is a great way to tell them how. Keep it short and sweet in the email and link to more content or videos to show them how to keep your product in perfect condition or how to solve a common issue with your product. This has to be all about helping the customer, make sure its easy to "contact us for more help" too. You can use this email to cross sell products though, my advice is to be gentle when doing so.

6. The Automated Email
Birthday emails are great for repeat patronage / purchases if you give something of value (or just have a super awesome product). You can automate re-buy emails to encourage them to top up their last purchase that you know only lasts for a certain amount of time. Having an automated re-book email for service providers such as hairdressers or optometrists is uber important too, this eases the burden on your staff to contact each client on a regular basis to retain them as customers. Be specific with a clear call to action and make it quick easy to do for them, especially on their phones.

7. Survey Emails
What do you want to know from your customers? Rate our products, what is their biggest concern with your product or service? Send them a survey email and you'll be able to find out the common needs of your customers. Make sure there is a good reason to give their feedback, things like free products, discounts or chance to win something big are all easy ways to tempt them into giving their opinion.  Just make sure its short (under 2 mins) and that you ask questions that you can act on to make you business better, not just make you feel good.

Original Article by Lisa Furgison for Vertical Response