The Power of Storytelling: By the Facebook IQ

The Marketing Department of Facebook has some of the best and brightest marketing minds in the world behind their desks. They are constantly looking into way to help their advertisers (and in turn themselves) drive more results from their Facebook campaigns. We've found the downloadable .pdf of The Power of Storytelling: Taking a Sequenced Approach to Digital Marketing by Facebook IQ and here are a few excerpts from it for you as well as the link to download it for yourself!

"Think about the last time you heard about a great product from a friend. The recommendation probably didn’t start with “buy this now” but instead was contextualized with an anecdote about your friend’s experience with that product."

Essentially its broken down into to types of campaigns 1. Funnel Based Storytelling Campaigns and 2. Priming and Reminding Storytelling Campaigns. Here are some quick read points below of both types of campaigns.

Download The Power of Storytelling .pdf

  1. We defined a funnel-based approach as a campaign that guides a person down the purchase funnel in 3 phases. For example, the first phase called “Meet the Brand” would be a brand’s introduction to the market. This phase occurs no matter if the brand is new to the market or an established brand. The next phase, “The Teaser,” would feature a product-focused ad. The third and final phase, “The Hook,” would feature a call-to-action ad.

  2. We defined a priming-and-reminding campaign as using multiple ad formats, like display or video ads, to help educate people of the brand’s relevance to their lifestyle in 2 phases. For example, the advertiser would use creative that showcased the brand’s value proposition to “Set the Stage” in the first phase. In the second phase, “The Synopsis,” the advertiser would use their creative to “remind” people of the main brand storyline found in Phase 1.

Download The Power of Storytelling .pdf

They have a lot more information and data in their .pdf so make sure you get a copy from one of the links in this article. They go on to say:

"No marketing approach is one-size-fits-all, but based on the cases in this research we have seen that most of the time there is a positive lift when a campaign is designed using the storytelling framework. However, to really understand what is most effective for your brand specifically, I would encourage advertisers to think about their performance metrics, like brand awareness and email registrations, or about driving conversions on or offline and test how their marketing approaches perform against those objectives."