Stick to what you're good at...

I originally wrote the article below in 2011... That's 5 years ago and my thoughts are sill the same... although I will admit there are a few business' starting to understand that their business is what they're good at and it's not Email Marketing.

It still amazes me how many business think that just because they are using an Email Marketing System they're an email marketer!

I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters from all different business and organisations only to see these great looking emails with no functionality. In the past these business' have been hesitant to pay for a professional service, now I see all to often them happily (or maybe not so) wasting their time and money on sub-par email newsletters and promotions.

There has probably been a lot of "thought" put into these campaigns, though sadly not a lot of knowledge. Don’t be one of them, even a professional appraisal of how you conduct your email campaigns will be the difference between wasting your time and money or getting a return on your email marketing investment.

If you would like us to appraise your current email sending, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.