How to retain technical info from eLearning

Teaching technical concepts online is a difficult task, learners tend to tune out and click the "next" button and skim over the content utill they can have a go at the assessment. There are 2 points to make this work

  1. The core challenge of creating technical training is to translate mundane information into a memorable (for information retention) and engaging experience (for learner focus).
  2. The information must also clearly explain why the learner should choose one option over another.

The Key to success is working with the right Subject Matter Experts. The learners need to understand where the technical information fits into their job and answers the learner’s question, “what’s in it for me?”

Text with screenshots can only teach users so much. When it comes to technical training, hands-on time with the new technology is very important. Learning the technical bits and pieces through videos and demonstrations, then putting that information into an action will help the learners retain the fundamentals of the process they are learning.

Learners need be assessed for understanding the material via both information recall and application.

Multiple choice questions allow learners to guess responses.... However games and simulations allow the learner to apply information, make mistakes, correct them, and then move forward.

Don't forget support documents!!! Always ensure there are plenty of reference materials for learners to check up with.

Also, because technical training is very detailed, the learner will most likely not retain everything... Creating a downloadable quick reference guide is essential, as this allows learners to review the information quickly, without needing to retake the entire course.

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