The iOS 10 Unsubscribe feature... where are we now?

In September 2016, Apple released iOS 10, and with it came the update to its Mail app which automatically gave an unsubscribe option at the top to the email. They joined other major inbox providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, in supporting list-unsubscribe.

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Basically this meant that subscribers who’d like to unsubscribe from a mailing list could do so without searching for the unsubscribe link in the footer of a 'mailing list' email.

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It automatically generated an email notifying the sender that an email address has unsubscribed and if your ESP is set up to process list-unsubscribe requests on your behalf, the email address will be removed from the mailing list automatically. If not, you’ll have to manually process the opt-out request and remove the subscriber from your list within the timeframe required in your location.

Lots of ESPs automatically add this feature to your emails, though it can com in 2 ways.

  1. A mailto unsubscribe -This is the email address that will receive the unsubscribe requests that we saw in the example above or
  2. An unsubscribe URL - A link that will take the subscriber to a landing page, perhaps a subscription center.

iOS Mail only supports the mailto: version of the unsubscribe header, so if your unsubscribe header contains a link, the unsubscribe banner will not be displayed. 

Astute Apple Mail users will notice the unsubscribe banner is one of the first pieces of content you see when opening a message, and it also moves the content of your email even further down the screen. With that in mind, it is likely that you could see an increase in unsubscribes coming from your iOS Mail users.

Long-term, however, list-unsubscribe can help improve your campaigns as prominent unsubscribe option makes it easy to keep your list clean.

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