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While getting ‘reach’ and 'likes’ through social media is nice, converting them to customers and earning their long-term loyalty is the key to a thriving business. The sales and marketing efforts you make to earn new customers costs anywhere between 5 to 25 times more than retention does — so if you're able to keep the clients you initially gain and make them keep coming back, that helps you reduce the amount of money you spend on acquisition over time.

“Much more cost effective than engaging an agency or full time marketing manager!”
- Mike, Restaurant Owner



Having worked with hospitality clients for over 10 years, we have created a customer loyalty email marketing system that work perfectly for cafes and restaurants. Working in harmony with your social media efforts and online presence, we have a tried and tested communications system to ensure optimum deliverability and engagement with your database.

With a simple and effective plan, we can assist you and you and your staff with professionally executed email campaigns to your customers. This system can also include automated welcome and birthday offer emails, database segmentation based on recipient actions and also comes with in-depth results reports, continuous evolution of your communications strategy and content creation assistance.

Results you can expect: Increased response and engagement rates from existing customers, higher customer loyalty & retention, high quality personalised service.



This is for the ‘hands on’, tech savvy operator who understands web based technology. We’ll set up your email marketing software, email templates and give you content ideas a basic strategy and a planner to help get you going. Don’t worry though… we’re always here to help offer more content ideas, tech support and advice.

from $90 + GST / month


This package allows for the ‘time poor’ yet still tech savvy, ‘hands on’ operator to get things done. Again, we set up your email marketing software, put together a custom branded template for you and help with content ideas and give you a planner to help with your communications strategy, then you get professional support from us to help finish the job and keep you on schedule.

from $140 + GST / month


Like having your own marketing manager at a fraction of the cost. Your own dedicated Production Manager will contact you every month to find out what’s going on/coming up in your venue and help create content, update your website and create and send an email campaign to your customers. You’ll also get the images, text and links sent to you so you can put them into your social media accounts. With monthly reports of how everything is performing we'll keep you progressing with your marketing efforts so you can concentrate on running your venue.

from $250 + GST / month


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Example from a REAL Client

We've been helping Willow and Spoon in Brisbane with their email marketing for the last few years and they now have a very loyal customer base. They’ve seen great open rates of over 30% and very high engagement to view new menus, book events and function spaces.

Using their website as the brand guidelines, we updated the fonts and colour scheme for their emails, used their amazing food photos from their social accounts and recreated a similar ‘voice’ in the content we provided for authenticity.

We used a basic yet highly engaging email design called the 'Upside down Triangle' method. the reader naturally gravitates from the main image, to the text and down to to the Call to Action button below.

We provide a single monthly email that gives their customers both informative and timely information, such as New Menu updates, Upcoming Events and Options for their function space and packages all with calls to action for engagement.

We also assist with website page creation for special events, functions and ‘what’s on’ to help their customers book tables.

This isn’t just good marketing, it’s GREAT marketing that’s backed by REAL RESULTS!

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