Client Case Studies...

Client: Rode Pool Services

Content Marketing

Rode Pool Services required a content marketing strategy that will position them as the leaders in their industry, increase in-store foot traffic, boosting sales, as well as attract new clients through the social channels.

This is achieved by creating informative web articles, Facebook and Instagram posts, along with an email marketing campaign promoting specific information relevant to the customers using suppliers products.

This took a massive effort to collect hundreds of different pieces of content from numerous suppliers, then collate them into a content schedule.



Rode Pools have a good number of customers on their Facebook page, so we decided to set up the Instant Articles feature that uses the RSS feed from the website to post tips and information about maintaining pools directly to the Facebook feed. These notes are written in a way that it doesn't give away too much information, yet still provides an easy solution to common problems that encourages them to  contact their local store online or in person for further help.


Creating Promoted Article Content

With specific suppliers having products that are more useful at certain times of the year, we have been creating content to be approved by the suppliers and then "banked" until the time is right to push their promoted post to the public.

Oberen Berg House.jpg


Simple, yet effective is the amazing photo for Instagram. Most followers scroll through looking for nice photos that jump out at them, then look at the post for more information. Keeping the photo and information relevant is very important.

customised video content 

Using professional videos from suppliers, we were able to  change them slightly to suit our purposes of social media posting. This mostly consisted of shortening them and adding our clients contact details.


With a very good database of customers that come into the store on a regular basis, We've curated regular email campaigns to these customers with relevant advice and products that will benefit them

Client: Willow & Spoon

website redevelopment

Needing a refresh after their old Wordpress site wasn't being handled properly as well as not loading efficiently for their customers. We used a mobile responsive template with a clean layout which puts their food imagery at the forefront of the site. It required the menu to be easily found along with access to their Instagram accounts. We updated their fonts and kept their original colour scheme. 

Email Marketing

We've been helping Willow and Spoon with their email marketing for the last few years and have a loyal following with great open rates and clickthrough.

As with all email databases, we noticed that a small group haven't opened an email in the last few months so we instigated a "re-engagement" campaign, this is designed to offer the unresponsive email recipients a way to updated their details, and see the new updates.

Using the new brand guidelines from the website development, we updated the fonts and colour scheme. We used their amazing food photos to draw the attention of the reader in to the email,

With basic email design using the 'Upsidown Triangle' method. the reader naturally gravitates to the Call to Action button below each short paragraph.